Holistic Injury Prevention & Runners’ Revamp (HIPRR)

injury knee image.jpg

Certified ChiRunning InstructorMarc Waxman and Dr. Kate Kelly recently launched a new approach to holistically support runners whose activity has been hampered by injury.  By working together, Marc and Dr. Kelly develop a customized plan for each individual that will address the root causes of injury and provide a clear plan to injury-free running.

Basic components of HIPRR:

  • 1-hour session with Coach Marc and Dr. Kelly (usually at a track)

  • Warm-up guided run with Coach Marc

  • Observation of running at various pacing with video analysis

  • Observation of various running-related movement patterns supervised by Dr. Kelly

  • Specific recommendations shared verbally by Dr. Kelly for exercises or self-treatment/in-office treatment suggested, if necessary (also sent via email after the session)

  • Specific recommendations for running technique changes shared verbally by Marc (also sent via email after the session)

  • Follow up supports from Dr. Kelly and/or Coach Marc are available after 1st HIPRR session and will be determined based on evaluation at the 1st session. They could include any combination of the following:

    • In-office treatments with Dr. Kelly

    • Guided runs/targeted coaching with Marc

    • Follow-up HIPRR session with Marc and Dr. Kelly at track (similar to session 1); this would occur after time lapse for treatments, self-scheduled exercise, and/or guided runs

If you are interested in HIPRR, please contact Dr. Kelly directly.

A little more about Coach Marc and ChiRunning…