Lifestyle & Functional Medicine

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At Active Recovery Boston, we transform the practice of healthcare through lifestyle medicine. This critical transformation is motivated by research indicating that modifiable behaviors — including physical inactivity, unhealthy eating, stress, and poor sleep quality — are major drivers of chronic pain, disease, and healthcare costs. While the medical profession is generally aware of this, there has yet to be a systematic and comprehensive effort to incorporate lifestyle medicine into standard practice. We accomplish this by providing resources to patients incorporating education, skills, and tools for self-care.

Our Lifestyle Medicine approach includes:

  • Initial in-depth consultation, including comprehensive review of your past medical records
  • Assessment and analysis of current symptoms
  • Follow-up consultations (consults via phone are available)
  • Individualized dietary guidance, nutritional strategies, and lifestyle modifications
  • Various lab testing (blood, stool, allergy, hormonal), if necessary
  • Direct email support
  • Helpful tools and strategies for furthering a healthy lifestyle for years to come

Potential Benefits:

  • Feel more energy
  • Improve your quality of life, naturally
  • Reduce your risk of chronic disease
  • Successful weight management
  • Learn to manage stress more effectively
  • With your primary care physician’s guidance, reduce or discontinue some or all of your medications